Toxic disputes?

by | Feb 25, 2015

Compulsory Mediation for toxic disputes, particularly neighbours and boundaries, is being discussed.

A Conservative MP, Charlie Elphicke has pledged to continue his campaign for compulsory mediation in boundary disputes although the idea was rejected by the government last month. He believes disputes between neighbours should go to mandatory mediation

The Ministry of Justice said it intended to encourage greater use of mediation but would not make it compulsory for all litigants.

Last month three Court of Appeal judges made public their anger at costs over £500,000 incurred over a right of way.

BSqM is often mediating cases where the costs have become out of all proportion to the value of the claim whether it is boundaries, partnerships or simple contract.

What can we say that would help you to come to mediation sooner, and particularly where emotion and poor communication troubles are hindering sensible attempts at resolution?