Civil & Commercial


We passionately believe in mediation as a golden opportunity for those in dispute to manage and solve it for themselves (with our help). It is uplifting and works well provided parties accept the process of mediation and have a genuine intention to settle. Why not mediate when:

  • The presence of an independent, impartial and neutral mediator makes a profound and positive difference to the dynamic of a dispute.
  • Diversity amongst us creates our strength. We sometimes mediate in pairs. The differences enhance the facilitation. It is our dispute resolution skills that we value the most. Grounding in specific disciplines is useful but it is how we mediate with our mediation skills that matters. We are dispute resolution specialists.
  • Mediation is a simple, cost effective and quick route to resolution for those with appropriate advice about their situation. We find parties’ advisors and lawyers add useful dimensions and are usually invaluable when they attend but many mediations happen with simply the parties together after taking valuable legal and accountancy advice.
  • We follow an active and continual peer review process together. We meet up or discuss online things that happen in mediations to share for mutual benefit while ensuring your anonymity. Mentoring each other is an essential part of our progress to more efficient dispute resolution and keeps up our striving to ensure we are in peak performance at every mediation.
  • Our ethos is to give an excellent service at a highly competitive price.