Is your relationship with your partner or child causing you difficulties?

Would you like to be doing things in an easier way? Family mediation can really make the changes you desire. When talking breaks down, an independent, impartial, neutral mediator taking you through a process means you find solutions you never thought of before. Its why the government and others are encouraging all parties in family related disputes to try mediation. If you come with intention to change how things are, it always works.


Mediators do not give legal advice but encourage you to obtain your own.

Family Mediation is:

  • Cost effective
  • A simple process
  • Quick to arrange

It covers:

  • Financial matters
  • Child arrangements
  • Financial and child matters
  • Communication
  • Emotions and feelings
  • Parenting partnership
  • Relationship closure

Family Mediation:

  • Voluntary, you take breaks when you need to and end it if you must
  • Confidential, nothing said or done in mediation can be used against you*
  • You get to speak and be heard and to listen and choose what works
  • You choose what happens

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  1. There is something raised that might mean there is potential harm to an adult or child,
  2. If a party makes us suspicious that they are involved in terrorism, money laundering, drug dealing, benefit fraud, tax evasion or handling the proceeds of crime, which we may have a duty to report.