Jane Cooksey BSC LLB MCIArb

Jane has been a full time professional mediator for the past 11 years following a career in law (now a non-practising solicitor) and psychology. As a skilled mediator in over 300 matters, she has a wealth of experience and is passionate about the benefits people experience from mediating.

She has over 25 years of litigation experience as a lawyer and as an individual has been party to proceedings as a company director, partner, freeholder, leaseholder and for family difficulties, giving her broad and invaluable life experience. She is widely accredited with the Academy of Experts, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, ADR Group, the International Mediation Institute, MATA, SCMA, NVC, FMC, BIMA and other organisations.

Recent mediations have included:

  • Contract including partnership, company issues, shareholder rights and sole traders, as well as B2B, supply and demand, manufacturing and engineering
  • Property disputes such as farm holdings, boundary disputes, leaseholder in fighting, environmental issues, ownership divisions etc
  • Consumer disputes – usually dealt with by telephone or Zoom mediation
  • Negligence, particularly professional and consequent insurance
  • Family related matters such as Couples Mediation, money and children, estate planning and breakdown, wills disputes and family business difficulties

Jane participates in workshops and trainings both in receiving and giving, so each year does far more than the minimum CPD points.

She is readily available to mediate and enjoys mediating by telephone or Zoom as much as face to face.

“To explain to people what is so worthwhile about mediation is hard. A mediator needs to use such a wide range of skills and abilities to fit the needs and interests of the parties. Every mediation is as different as the people within it. While I might lean on some relevant expertise and experience I have in my professional background, it is essential to trust the parties to tell me what they need me to know as well as to trust that the parties are capable of self determination in the creation of a workable outcome. The important thing is that the seeds of the change happen naturally in the process of mediation if parties trust it, and allow mediation to create solutions with a parity of esteem and acceptance.”