Why choose us?

Bespoke service

Many of our mediators practice across the full spectrum of mediation and can bring that expertise to give you a bespoke service.

Broad experience

Good mediators can mediate anything and ours have good grounding in background disciplines.

Highest standards

As dedicated and passionate mediators we constantly review how and what we do to ensure the very highest standards.

Good value

Mediation is cost effective and we are confident in our ability and that what we offer represents the best value for money.

Co-Mediation as standard

We always try to offer two mediators at no extra charge. Two professionals in the room bring double the expertise.

Our promise

Experience, commitment, excellence and results. We will get you somewhere you choose to go.

Quick to arrange

Our mediators are always flexible and mediations can be arranged according to your timescale.


Mediation happens in a day or less and rarely needs more time.


We will travel to a location convenient for parties.


Nothing you say or do in mediation can be used against you later, private meetings with the mediator are confidential too.

You choose the outcome

No one imposes a settlement on you. You choose what you agree to.

Contact us

Please call us on 0773 098 2140 or email us at contact@berkeleysquaremediation.com to give us more information and discuss.