A Mediation and Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is the only part of family mediation that is compulsory. This is because the mediator will need to complete one page of your application to court so that the court will know whether the matter has been considered for mediation. The meeting is an exchange of information and exchange of assessments. You tell the mediator about the problems and the mediator tells you about mediation and other alternatives to court. You assess from what you hear whether you wish to mediate and we assess whether there are any safeguarding, abuse/coercive control or other issues that make it unsuitable for mediation.

We do not do legal aid cases.

If you would like to consider mediation as an option or have been referred from elsewhere, please make contact with us for a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

This is a preliminary meeting on the telephone, on line or in person, with a qualified mediator to discuss:-

  • What’s the problem you are facing and how we can help you
  • Information about mediation and other forms of dispute resolution
  • Assessment of suitability for mediation
  • What’s best for you to choose
  • Signposting for support and more information as necessary
  • What further information you may need

The meeting will usually last around 45 minutes to one hour and we charge £120.

You can decide whether you would prefer to attend this meeting by yourself, or whether you would prefer to come in together with the family member with whom you are in dispute.

If mediation is not suitable or you have chosen not to mediate, we supply the appropriately signed page of your application to court confirming you have attended the MIAM so that you can issue proceedings.