What does it cost?


Parties to a mediation pay the cost equally between them.

This demonstrates the committment to the process of mediation. All fees set out below are charged per party.


Rental of a suitable venue may be an additional cost

If parties cannot supply 3 or more rooms that can be used without charge, we can suggest suitable venues or give you an inclusive price.


Fees depend on the nature and complexity of the matter

We need a discussion with the parties and their advisers about the content of the mediation and in particular the issues to be resolved to ensure fees are appropriate.


For cases where it is difficult to place a financial value,

Such as some land related disputes or neighbour intensive cases, we need to talk with you to be able to suggest a figure.


We send out mediation tailored CVs

We will sometimes try to field two mediators for any Berkeley Square Mediation at no extra cost.


Talk with us about what is best for you

Please call us to discuss a quote and see the guidelines below. Pricing can go down or up depending on complexity, numbers and need.


For higher value cases here is a rough guide of what we may charge but this is dependant on complexity, counterclaims and other information we may 

  • £5M and above – please discuss
  • £1M to £5M – from £5,000 to greater per party per day
  • £250K to £1M – from £1500 to £5000 per party for the day
  • £50K to £250K – from £750 for a half day to £1500 per party for the day
  • Continuation fees are £100 per party per hour plus the cost of room hire continuing

For lower cases of under £50K there is a fixed fee scheme as follows:

  • £5K or less – £75 + VAT per party, for 1 hour telephone/video mediation only
  • £5K or less - £125 + VAT per party, for 2 hours telephone/video mediation
  • £5K to £15K - £320 + VAT per party, for a 3 hour session
  • £15K to £50K - £445 + VAT per party, for a 4 hour session
  • Each additional hour is charged at £100 + VAT per party

We like to be competitive and make sure you are appropriately charged for the service we give.

Please call us on 0773 098 2140 or email us at contact@berkeleysquaremediation.com to give us more information and discuss.