Family inheritance – don’t fall out too far

by | Feb 2, 2013

When there is only one cake and you wish to slice it for the maximum benefit for all concerned, try us for mediation.  For example, when someone in the family dies and the family falls into disarray, mediation can enable resolution swiftly that patches up the underlying frustration, resentment and alienation and achieves everyone obtaining more than they would by going to court.  Good legal advice is important but solving it quickly is better for your pocket.

Figures obtained by the Independent show a 700% increase in High Court actions to challenge provisions made in wills over the past five years. In addition, the number of cases aimed at having whole wills declared invalid has nearly doubled. Fay Copeland, of Wedlake Bell, said: “Families are not as close as they used to be and when, for example, you have step-families you can see cases where people feel usurped or pushed out.”

Perhaps no surprises there, but these are exactly the sort of cases that mediation can help with – a negotiated solution which deals with the needs of the family members must be preferable to a court ordered settlement (at enormous cost) and it may even allow room for the parties to find a way to repair damaged relationships.