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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process of change…        Call 0773 98 2140

Mediation is:

  • A process – In which a neutral person with professional skills brings together disputing parties in order that they may work together to find solutions to their issues. 
  • Consensual not adversarial – It’s voluntary and in the process parties gain comprehension of how the necessary change may be created.
  • Private and confidential – Parties can talk without fear of come-back and can explore ways forward. Nothing said on the day can be used against anyone or repeated outside of the mediation.
  • Impartial, neutral and independent –  The mediator works equally for both parties, not being controlled by anyone and having no interest in the outcome.
  • Focused on the future – Reviewing what has happened is done only in order to move forward to enable parties to create something better.
  • Focused on needs – Rather than on deciding the answers to legal questions; Needs over rights; What parties want out of the situation rather than a court view
  • Fast and effective –  Statistics show that the majority of mediations settle on the day or shortly after.
  • Flexible process – The mediator manages the process by adapting it to the needs of the parties.
  • Creative solutions – Parties can create outcomes that a court cannot order and the process can produce surprising possibilities.
  • Non-binding until settlement – A Settlement Agreement is only binding when both parties sign. The outcome is never imposed.


  • Can take place before Legal proceedings have been issued or at any point in the process once legal proceedings have commenced
  • May well be quicker, cheaper and less stressful than letting a judge decide in court 
  • Mediators do not give legal advice, it works better if parties have good legal advice as to their legal position and lawyers who support them in mediation
  • Can preserve relationships either business or personal
  • Can be rewarding for parties – Understanding the nature of the dispute can allow parties to resolve underlying issuesd and move forward to find resolution

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