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Paul Henry

Paul Henry is an accredited civil and commercial mediator, and has been helping clients resolve their differences since September 2009.  As a trained counsellor and therapist Paul also brings excellent interpersonal skills to the mediation table.  Paul is particularly skilled at guiding seemingly entrenched positions away from a stalemate situation by listening, probing and getting to the heart of the problem. He is well used to building trust and cooperation in highly charged, emotional situations.

Paul understands what motivates people and he very quickly builds rapport and trust with participants.  His person-centred approach means he has a natural ability to put people at their ease.  He favours a relaxed and informal approach that encourages conversation and cooperation while remaining mindful of the goal of reaching agreement.

Paul spent twenty-five years in senior roles in the media and creative industries where disputes were commonplace.  He combines the neutral skills of a mediator and the natural people-skills of a counsellor. The result is an attentive listener with an ability to deftly apply soft skills in tough, challenging situations.

Paul travels around the country in his mediation work. Accredited with Clerksroom and working towards full BACP.