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Our People

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Jane Cooksey,

Martin Havelock,

Anthony Salata,

Renate Herrmann,

Paul Henry,

Maureen Obi, and

Gavin Fennell (family only)

We have a diverse group of mediators from a wide range of professional and industry backgrounds. We are willing to travel to suit the parties. As full time mediators with grounding in other professions we bring a wealth of experience from different spheres. This means we have a broad range of skills to apply in any situation in addition to the various complex methods we each have in our varied styles of mediating. We often co-mediate which means we work in pairs at no extra cost.  The second mediator may be an observer, assistant or co-mediator at the choice of the first and in accordance with the needs of the parties. Please call us to discuss your requirements for making any decision on who you wish to appoint. This page of the website has drop down boxes with some information about each of us to assist you if you wish to choose, otherwise we will recommend who best can faciliatate you to resolve your dispute. CVs and other information are available on request.